Tuesday, February 3, 2015

It's all about the Bike

Last month in January it was all about the bike, at least from the training perspective.  I've been on my bike six days a week.. In addition to the cycling, I've also been strength training and watching the size of my legs grow. 

Since November, about once each month I've been particpating in the Tyler Bicycle Club 4-Pedals  Enduro Series for mountain biking, currently we have 4 main trails in and around Tyler - this particular photo was captured at Tyler State Park. After each event,  my mountain biking handling has been  better. Now that it's getting closer to triathlon season, it's time to start putting more time on the tri bike.  

Going into this year I took off our standard 53T chain ring on my Cobb 165 cranks and added the 54T Rotor Oval Q-Ring. We are big proponent of the short cranks and Q-Rings, Mr.  John Cobb helped me adjust my front deraileur for the larger ring.  The Cobb cranks currently are all black and much nicer looking now. 

 This has been typical set-up for the past month, due to the cold weather.  I haven't been on the road in over a month, just on the computrainer and Cobb Cycling spin classes. Our spin classes are a great way to get strength/cadence quality in with a large group of people of all different levels of abilities.

 While riding on the trainer six days a week, saddle comfort is a must! I currently have chosen to ride the  Plus 2, which includes the compatibility for the rear hydration system that attaches underneath the saddle.

While January has been about the bike in training, in life there is so much more going on - such as Calley and I are planning to find a house and with our baby due in July! We are both excited about both of these. I've also started coaching a small handful of athletes by request and will be glad to help you as well. I'm excited for what the year 2015 brings!

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