Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Calley's 2014 Birthday

A couple of weekends ago we celebrated Calley's birthday at Pinot's Pallet. A painting party. The three of us Rylan, Calley, and me. We had a great time and the paintings turned out much better than we thought they would, including mine. The least artistic.  

Rylan, I'm 14 too cool for a picture, dude. 

My Birthday Wife and Rylan.  

Our family picture at the end of with all of our paintings. 

On Calley's actual birthday August 18th she opened her presents. 

Road ID ICE 

Her bird house that I got for her on Etsy. 

An over-sized birthday gift wrapped box. 

Onto another box for another birthday gift wrapped box. 

Hey it's a Cobb saddle.... 

 Just kidding, it's the Fly 6 tail light and camera to record your rides from behind you, ICE. 

My Birthday Wife received a few other nice things but these are the photos I wanted to share on my blog. 

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