Friday, May 8, 2015

Tri Tyler

Calley and I left the week before to Fort Walden Beach, Florida, just a week before the Tri Tyler triathlon.

While we were enjoying our vacation we found out the first day we were there our house was actually struck by lightening. It cracked through the brick in our attic, roof damage, knocked out the a/c, and caused a gas leak among a few other things.

We left these views and a lot of seafood a few days earlier than what we had planned on.

We assessed our damage and  got rested from the travel. I went back to work early and started a  3 - day training block ending with the Tri Tyler olympic. There was Fast Friday, Super Saturday, and Suffer Sunday. My legs were jacked by Sunday. I actually slept in compression tights Saturday as I was more sore than what I was expecting to be.

We had great weather Sunday morning. I was about to prepare for my swim warmup and as I was about to put my wetsuit on I spotted a huge rip in the knee. Suprisingly, I was freaking out. My boy, Mark Saroni on the Cobb Mobb team had an extra swim skin he let me use.

It was a fast start in the swim and there was only a small handful of us. I jumped on the feet of the faster swimmers to the first buoy, but couldn't hang on. I had a bit of trouble going out and sighting but coming back I was much faster. Regardless of not having a wetsuit, I still had one of my fastest swims in the last couple of years with or without a wetsuit. I imagined I could probably have been a couple of minutes faster with a wetsuit but came out in 25:42, and about 2 minutes faster on the way back in.

The bike was curvy and I had a big deficit to over-come. There was a second left turn in the course where you take two lefts very close together, well, I missed the second left. I had my head buried down and almost ran over the volunteer as I went passed the turn and started fish tailing trying to slow down as my rear tire skid. On the second loop I knew I was on my way to catching Tim and had caught him by the end of the bike. I ended up with the fastest bike split for the olympic in 23.4 the results said.

After catching Tim on the bike, I thought if I could just have a decent run I could probably catch Clint for the overall.

That's not what happened. Tim and I started the run together. My goals were just to hold 5:45s starting out. Tim was right next to me the first mile. We did hit the first mile in 5:45 but not long after the fatigue in my legs caught up to me and I couldn't respond. I managed to finish 2nd overall because Clint went off course and had he to run part of another loop. I did find a little bit of spring back in my legs the last mile as I was trying to hold off Clint from coming back.  It's always great to race with the Wooley G guys from Longview.

Thanks again to God for another good race and getting me through the run. To my Beautiful Pregant Wife and Family! The Cobb Mobb Team, Extremus, and Coach J. Thanks to Steve Farris and all the Volunteers who put on a fantastic event in the Tyler community.



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