Friday, February 12, 2010

East Texas Snow Days

Today I had a scheduled rest day planned which worked out perfectly since I didn't really have to worry about all the snow, but I did call in late to work. In the mean time me and my roommate Josh built snowman just over 6ft tall. While were doing that I bent over my jeans split, I felt rush of cold air go up my pants and was like, "Josh, do I have a hole in my pants." He was like yeah. I guess this is a sign I need to go on a stricter diet with maybe lettuce, pickles, and celery, a carrot or two might be ok. You can see our pictures below.

I do have another fairly big weekend planned with tomorrow after work and in between my paper writing I planned to do a few mile repeats and Sunday is an early morning run-bike ride before church and strength swim since I missed it the other day due to the weather It looks like the weather should be a bit nicer to us then.

And closing on a better note Baby Scotty is almost cancer free. Click his picture on the right and read his journal for further updates. Keep him in your prayers that things will only get better.


Josh and I by our snowman taller than us.
"Whatcha gonna do with all that junk, all that junk, inside yo trunk."
A side view of East Texas Medical Center in Cedar Creek Lake
My car at 5:15am, before I called in this morning.

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