Sunday, December 5, 2010

OnUrLeft Sports Christmas Party

This weekend I was in Houston celebrating the OnUrLeft Christmas party, it was great meeting all the club members and having all the sponsored athletes there. We have some amazing and determined and a lot of crazy people in our group. What a night it was! Lots of food to go around, the patties were huge. Ya know how we do it in Texas! It only took just one burger to fill me up and a hotdog, but only because I was pushing it with the hot dog. I am also excited that I won a free Cap Tex Tri entry in Austin next year on Memorial Day. Looks like I gotta harden up and get ready to race big boys in short course. I also got to take home a lot of HEED and KT Tape. I am stacked up with an electrolyte drink for the year and if I get injured I can use some KT Tape to put me back together. The night ended.....:) with a game of twister. It let me know I need to do more yoga and improve my flexibility. Next week I start getting back into it with the training and the diet, and finishing out the last week of the semester. For now though, here are a few pictures from the party in no particular order.

I didn't get a picture of Angie but she is an amazing lady in our group. She crashed in IMFL when she got clipped by a guy and broke her pelvis. She was determined to get back out there and finish before she knew it was broke, but OUL raised the "charity" amount (which is a lot) for her to compete in Ironman Texas next year in just under 4 hours when when it got announced.

Me and Stephen. This might be our first picture together without any lycra or spandex on.

Stephen and Michael w/ Ron who won "the mostly likely to run w/o a shirt." Michael is straight thuggin' dawg.

Aaron with the Rebecca, the wife that keeps everything together.

All I want 4 Christmas is U!
(note to self: when you want the Christmas tree in the picture stand beside it and not in front of it. )

So it got a little rowdy! Not sure what is going on here.

One of the most amazing ladies you will ever meet. Gabrielle Vasquez-Baumeyer. She just completed one of her dreams by completing Ironman Arizona and at the same fundraized for Team COCI, which stands for Cherish Our Children International.

Greg Johnson is another remarkable person. He was diagnosed with sarcoma cancer this summer and has a nasty scar on his back from it. Regardless, the man is determined and is signed up for Ironman Texas this May.

Here are the OUL Sponsored athletes minus Michael Barney, there is no telling where he is at.
Left to Right is the only woman sponsored athlete the amazing Wendy Hammerman, Stephen Milford, Ryan Lindsey, Grant Glauser and me with our boss Aaron Palaian.

Me and Barney! What a guy!

Me and Matthew....its onurleft dude!



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