Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fort Worth Adventures

You can bet your britches, I've been hittin' it hard this month, it doesn't mean I've haven't paused briefly to enjoy the fellowship of a few friends. Most of you know I've moved to Fort Worth, which is one of my favorite cities in Texas (Austin & Tyler are there as well).

Here are a few pics I thought I would share.

Here is some of us getting wild and crazy group shot!

My & my roommate Kyle, thug life till I die.

A train passing through Trinity Park. This is were a lot of my training is done.

Swanging those big balls for Spring Family Fun Day!

My roommate Zach and only two left in the Milk Challenge. We both ended up DNFing. I bowed out before he did.

Redneck Country cookin'??? Cooking full chickens on a can of beer.

I'm looking forward to next week as it's my first try of triathlon of the season in Galveston.

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