Monday, March 11, 2013

St. Patrick's Triathlon

Let's see where to start with this. I originally signed up for this race to knock off the rust that gathered during the off-season. OK! I'm lying, I intentionally signed up because Calley was doing this one too. The timing seemed to fit just right leading into Galveston next month. We started talking back in late December/Early January and I asked her what races she was doing and she mentioned we should meet up afterward at one of them. So, this was the original plan before we started dating and I told her that race season was too far away at the time and we should move our first date up a couple months. I smiled and was nice enough on the first date, I was able to ask for the second date without the fear of rejection.

We picked up our packets up Saturday afternoon and my race number was supposed to have been # 47. I was like this negotiable. I'm going to run over a lot of folks. I asked what the top ten guys had put down for their swim times and told they lady they were lying. I asked what did Korey Sessions put down? Then I said no way.......he's more like a ______ minute swimmer. I knew Korey was #5. She has some spots open in the front and I went with # 12, then I changed my mind said can I get Lucky # 7. The packet pick up lady was like "Really!!  You want to switch #'s again?" I used my small town East Texan charm and told her she was angel for letting me do so.

I logged on facebook race morning as I was eating my pre-race breakfast and wrote this. "Hey y'all you need to stop lying 'bout your swim times. I'm not swimming 50 people back." San Antonio based Pro Triathlete (and former UT Tyler graduate) wrote back, "No, you just need to start lying about yours. Don't you know the formula for calculating pool swims? 1. Go to the pool. 2. Sprint a 50 as fast as you can. 3. Multiply that time by however many 50's you have to swim and viola!" Thanks Mark! I might have moved up to # 30. 

 I was feeling good and ready at the start. In the 300 meter pool swim, however both calves cramped up in the middle 100. I was dragging my legs and flexing my ankles to work out the cramp. My turn over had slowed down tremendously. Not letting this get to me I was mentally hanging in there. Korey had put over 30 seconds on me after the swim. Looks like I still have a lot of work to do here.

The bike was two loops around two loops around in 50 degree temps some good wind. The only protection against the cold I had was my helmet and toe cover. There was almost an immediate turn around at the beginning and I could see Korey not too far ahead and I thought I had a good chance to catch him on the bike, but dang! he is very strong there too putting 5 more seconds on me by the end of the bike.

Coming in on the bike after my dismount and I could see Korey going off onto the windy run course. From the looks of  it I educated guesstimated that I needed to close 30 seconds on him during the run. My sophisticated calculations would later prove to be "about" right. Within the first 1/2 mile I realized catching him on the run was going to be harder than I thought. He is strong there too!!! I would pick land marks that we would pass and I woulds see how far back I was it went like this 27", 20", 17" 15" and so forth. At the half way point I was still about 12-15 seconds back. I didn't know if I was going to be able to close in time or not. I was battling the demons in my head that were telling me I needed to slow down and this hurts too bad then on the other side I was telling myself to keep workin' that it isn't over yet. By the last mile I had closed the gap to about 4-5 seconds right where I needed to be to get the W', since he started the swim in front of me. I was telling myself just stay right here and you got this. He would throw surges occasionally the last mile and I was able to respond. I was wishing he would have quit doing that though. That last mile I thought I was going to puke and I was getting light headed in the last minute of the race.  Coming across the bridge with about 200 meters to go I saw him give it one more surge and I went with it and some how I still don't know I how caught up to him and edged him at the line and collapsed at finish. I had no intentions of challenging him at the line until he surged at the end I couldn't let the gap break anymore.

 Here below are a few post race photos:

Laying down at the finish line catching my breath and needing help up. 

Korey and I post race once I was able to stand up. Cheers to Korey!! He is a haus and classy competitor! He pushed me beyond of what I thought was capable of!

 Calley and I watching the rest of the race come and freezing!!! Calley raced hard in her first triathlon back after two years. I'm absolutely proud of her.

 It's great to have support of Karbon Speed. A Christian based business in Dallas, Tx. Be sure to check them out. WWW.KARBONSPEED.COM

I don't think this pic need any explanation. 

 Obviously, I am pleased how the race turned out but I know I still got a lot of rust to knock off before the next few races coming up. Thanks again for reading this blog! I have a great team behind, such as my Coach Brent Poulsen from Revolution Multi-sport, who's been behind me several years no, Extremus, LLC (details coming soon), Tri It Wear and Karbon Speed (details coming soon). Not to mention a few other such as my Parents, Bob Kilinski (President of Ft. Worth Tri Club), Mark Mulch, and the Fort Worth/Dallas/East Texas triathlon community!! Of course, Calley's support and post long-run breakfast taco's at The Wood Shed seem to pay off. Most importantly I wouldn't have done anything or amounted to anything without the grace & power of Jesus Christ. He provided the perseverance and mental fortitude this weekend. All praise should be directed towards Him! 

With that said I can't wait for Texas 70.3 in Galveston and I want to wish  Ben Drezek a speedy recovery and prayers. He took a nasty spill on the wet roads and broke a collar bone. He's a tough competitor and I hope he makes a late season come-back

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  1. Wowza, strong race, man! An exciting race recap - great writing!
    Congratulations to both you and Calley - sounds like you BOTH started off the tri season on a positive note!

    I'll be at Galveston, too, just hours and hours behind ya!