Thursday, June 26, 2014

Tour d' Italia

Calley and I road in the Tour d' Italia last weekend in Italy, Texas.  It's a pretty town with the biggest sunflowers in Texas in full bloom. This wasn't a race but more of a big ride with a 1,000 other people.   

Everything bigger in Texas, even our flowers.

Turns out the King is still rockin' as Calley met him along the way. 
With a week out before Buffalo Springs 70.3, my game plan was about an hour at 70.3 effort and a short run off the bike. I ended up doing the 40 mile route but I started with the 60 miler guys since I knew they were the ones I would need to be riding with.  It was a lot of fun! I was able to stay up front a lot and take a lot of pulls and pull people back in. If I was riding the full route I would have held back more but pleased how the legs felt that day as it was a tough training week. 

Chatting up front letting them know I would be peeling off somewhere along the route. 
Riding JOF (just off front) Photo Courtesy: Sugar & Spice Photography
I'm surprised everyone was following I'm not even looking where I'm going.  

I love this shot of us riding away. Photo Courtesy: Sugar & Spice Photography 

We went West to Italy in the morning that evening we drove East to Carthage where we visited my Mom and Dad and had a late Father's Day. My Dad has always been known to put down a lot of food, so I tried to eat him on chipolte fajitas and well that didn't go so well my Dad still can eat a lot of food.

Now it's time to get packed up for one of the hardest Ironman 70.3 courses on the USA circuit - Buffalo Springs 70.3.

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