Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Austin 70.3

My Wife, Calley and I made the trip down to Austin 70.3 and had a great time together.. We had a fanstastic little house stay with a nice guy, named Joseph. His house was absolutely spotless and comfortable. That night we relaxed by watching a Criminal Minds marathon. 

I almost had to skip this race. A couple of weeks before I was biking out to the weekly Tuesday night pain train when I got in traffic at a stop and go stand still and unclipped a little late and when I stepped on the pavement my cleat slip and my right knee went at an awkward angle. I hobbled off the road, shook it off a few minutes, and kept riding.  I was ok, somewhat, until a few days later I was teaching Rylan how to do run drills and the explosiveness of these run drills didn't go so well for my knee.  I tried to get through the next couple of days but it wasn't working out. I took 3 days off and did absolutly nothing but ice and epsom salt my knee which seemed to help a lot, by Monday it was go time again. I started my taper earlier than I had planned on but it seemed to be helping me out leading up to Austin.  

It was a long wait while each wave went off. I was super relaxed and having fun! As seen here with some of our Cobb Mobbers, Joe, Crystal, and Rachel. 

My new age division, this year, was quite big we were separated in two large waves. My swim was 33:04, not exactly fish-like. I got off too good start but must have been been crossing over way too much right arm and I kept veering left, especially at the start.   

I went off carrying my bike out of transition, it was a long run too, carrying this heavy thing due to all the stickers that were near the course. Tons of people were out on the course fixing flats, myself included. I was letting it rip out on the bike course. It featured mostly rolling hills where I could get fast doing downhill and use the momentum to carry me up and down the next one, the roads were very rough though. I was set to hit between 2:15-2:20 at half way if I kept the pace up. At mile 29 though, it became harder to pedal and eventually, flat. Well, this time instead of dropping out I changed my own tubular for the first time (Thanks Seth!). It took me longer than I thought it did with my 2:38 bike split. I found getting back on the bike and getting going again was the hardest part, the last 5-10 miles was very windy and I was struggling, honestly.  

The Run....well right from the start I started experiencing some really bad stomach issues. My legs felt fine but everytime I tried to push the effort my stomach distress increased sharply. It was a bad deal. There was lot of slow jogging and walking for me out there, not to mention it was getting hot. My Sub 11 min run splits were not going to get me the age group win today. 

The drive home was fantastic! I through up a couple of times a long the way but we got through it and made the best of it! Luckily, my Wife was with me to get us home. Thanks again to my Wife, who cheered on everyone out there all day, and also to the Tyler group that came to support everyone, the Cobb Mobb team, and Extremus. I'm thankful to God for keeping me safe out there and that I was able to recover fast from it.

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