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Summer 2005: 10 Things about William

Summer 2005: 10 Things about William
Tuesday, August 16, 2005
By: Sam Hammontree

Introduction: Sam Hammontree was my mentor in running while I attended ETBU in Marshall, Texas. Prior to attending ETBU he was one of the fastest runners in Marshall, Texas. I had heard about him and it took a few years to finally catch up to him. He took me under his fast running wings during my time in Marshall. Prior to transferring to UT Tyler I rented his game room for two months that was in his back yard. Now - his son Hunter Hammontree ranks among the fastest runners in East Texas and among the fastest runners in the state of Texas. 

Things I have learned about William Ritter the past two months. 

Since William has lived with me for this entire summer almost, there are a few things I thought I would share that I have learned about him. His last day in Marshall is tomorrow and he will be moving off to Tyler.

1. He is scared to death of bugs. I had to personally kill them or remove them for him. I once handed him a cricket and it surprised him so much, he almost hit his head on the ceiling from jumping so high in fear. 

2. The dude loves sandwiches! Everyday....almost 75 percent of his calories and nutrition come from sandwiches. 

3. He loves the internet. Maybe it's a generation gap thing, but I think he would possibly die from suffocation if he were ever detached from the world wide web.

4. He likes to study as well as read a lot. His mother should be proud of him as he definitely give his studies his best efforts!

5. He likes girls. Well, of course that's a good thing in this day and time!!!

6. Speaking of girls, he spends more time shaving than they do. Everything...arms, legs,  head, chest etc. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7. He loves root beer. 

8. He needs to keep working on how many push-ups he can do, so that someone nearly twice his age will quite making him look so bad. 

9. He sucks at pool!.....

10.......But he's pretty fast!!! And, I think he has gotten faster since he has lived with me...hopefully some day when he makes it big, he will look back to the summer of  '05 as the turning point in his running career!!!!!!

Good luck Will!

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