Monday, October 5, 2015

St. Gregory 5K

I jumped in the St. Gregory 5K last month on just a couple of weeks of running after taking two months off, but it was all worth it for this sweet little boy, Evan.  He's really good baby and I still get good sleep most nights.  I went hard from the start as if I was going to contend for the overall win, but that didn't happen and I was suffering greatly by a quarter mile as I hadn't done any 5 min/mile efforts in a looooonng time trying to keep up with another UT Tyler cross country graduate, Alex Wilson, who would win in 16:22. The course was not flat at all like the race advertised. The worse shape you are in the more you feel every noticeable incline.  My paces deteriorated the longer the we went and I finished 4th overall in 19:08 and first in the 30-34 age group.

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