Sunday, May 10, 2009

Tri Swimming Coach

This weekend in Fort Worth at Benbrook Lake my buddy and Lance went to a swimming clinic by Chuck Burr from There were some things that I knew and a few things I didn't know. My stroke felt really good when practicing what we were learning, until I swam into this pole and hit my eye. I don't think that was the sighting drill. It was Lance's first open water swim and he did really well for his first time.

I did wreck the Spanish Beauty for the time first time this weekend but nothing serious. I was riding in the Trinity Trails and part of the trails were closed and it turns out there was a very good reason why. I lost control on some gravel/dirt and fell right over going super slow and fell into a pile of rocks and dirt. I am glad no one was around.

Stay tuned for more announcements this week.

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