Saturday, May 2, 2009

Falling Short

I wasn't even going to write this but I wanted everyone to know I fall short too. This was going to be an advancement from the last workout I did of a 3 hour ride with intervals in the middle followed by a 15 minute easy spin and a 30 minute time trial with 6x1 mile repeats. This time around I was attempting 8x1 mile repeats. I don't know what it was today but I only got in 2x1 mile repeats. The first one was 5.27 and the second one was 5.30. A half lap into the third one it felt like my legs just shut down, I tried to give a go but it wasn't happening. Just one of those days I guess. It could have been a variety of things such as the heat, humidty, hills, or the apple I ate. I rode a hillier route and it felt like it was all up hill when I got on hwy 19 for 8 miles to Athens. The rode 2709 before 19 has a bunch of steep rollers that hurt. Then I got on the loop around Athens it was fairly hilly too and it turned to some bad chip seal, man that was rough, but thank God for carbon fiber. I then hammered the time trial maybe even better than last time. I came back a minute faster from the turn around. I had a hard time going initally on the ride today and it started sprinkling at the beginning but then it stopped. Then near the end of the ride the rain picked up and it started thundering but not that bad. I also did a 45 minute hard threshold ride yesterday that probably didn't help the situation. I think I need Lance back out there watching too, it's more motivating to have someone holding you accountable. I would perfer a pretty girl to watch and help me get through those mile repeats but I'll take what I can get ;) I'm going to go through my training log and see what I did differently leading up this workout before.

Earlier this week we got in some good quality swim workouts, bike, and run workouts. The most mentionable is the 3x2 miles in 11.00 (5.29, 5.31), 10.55 (5.28, 5.27), 10.44 (5.20/5.24). The last one hurt the most of course.

Next week I have an open water swim clinic to go to since it's my weak part I figured I better go. It's lead by Chuck Burr and here is his link

Outside of triathlon life a couple of buddies I went to college with that live out here started a bible study this Wednesday. We listened to Pastor Matt Chandler from DFW on a podcast. It was about being real and honest with yourself and everyone else. Next time we are starting a series in 1st Peter. We are supposed to read/listen ahead so I need to do that soon.

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  1. I'd love to watch you do those repeats. Too bad I don't live in Texas!