Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Older I Get...

The Older I get the more I learn age is just a number. After catching a down pour of rain on my long run Saturday morning. I drove over to Dallas and met my good friend Mr. Kelly Harris. Now Mr. Harris is twice my age, but one of the toughest and nicest guys I've ever met. I had about 2 hour break from my long run (with an hour of it driving). As soon as we started the ride Kelly takes off fast. I am like wow, this guy is amazing if he can keep this pace up. Sure enough he did just that. I was hurting and even caught a sidecramp biking. I didn't complain though because us triathletes are tough. We headed South into some strong headwind, never really drafting off each other. Then on the way back we encountered some challenging hills we both hammered. Kelly was extremely tough. I was impressed with his God given abilities. His wife Sharon sagged for us and gave us water and gatorade and had Subway sandwhiches waiting for us when we got back. Kelly would also wave to just about to every driver we encountered. I learned a lot from his character. Mr. Kelly Harris is a man I should strive to be more like. Super nice guy with a great family. Thank you!!!!

Later is was off to the Dallas Zoo where I met up with my college friend Linsey. We walked around for 90 minutes and my legs were tired from the running and biking. Walking up every uphill was hard and even worse with the downhills.

I didn't know my little brother would be there hanging out at the Zoo.

Sunday I scouted out the Tri-Benbrook Triathlon that is just west of Fort Worth. I had some old college buddies doing their first triathlon. IRP puts on good and safe races. I wish I would have been out there racing......then I thought about and was like nah...look at this wind, it's worse than when I rode with Kelly.

Carlos from East Texas Baptist University (Alum) on an old Schwinn. I saved him a penalty when I yelled "Get off the bike" at the dismount line. He was about to ride right over it.

This is Kelsey from UT Tyler seems to be having a lot of fun on the run. She is ready to sign up for another.

This is Jeremy Bosco at East Texas Baptist (Alum) and former baseball player.
Overall they are all had a good time and are excited about future events.

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  1. Age is just a number, but it's also what you make of it. It can either limit you or empower you. You're young in the sport. Just think where you could be by his age. That's exciting.