Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Band-Aid Run A 3.4 mile 5K.

This year I decided to support the community in which I now live. For the first and last time I ran in the 2nd Annual Band-Aid 5k run. The night before a group of us ate at this hole in the wall pasta place in Gun Barrel City called Mario's. About half the group liked the food. I was one of them. I ate my pasta along with some of parent's huge pizza they bought.
The next morning we woke up to a lot of rain. Fortunately there was no thunder and lightining and race went on. All ten of lined up and we were off. I had goals of hoping to break 16 unfortunatley there would be no one push me. The course was fairly simple go out a ways and then make this loop twice and come back. I was moving good the first loop but the second loop I knew I had slowed down a bit. Then someone forgot to tell us where to make the turn for the second loop and there was no sign either for it. When I got to 16 minutes my legs felt like giving out. I made it the line in 18.24 for the 3.4 miles that someone got on their Garmin.
After every one who had finished the rain came pouring down with rain and storms. I want to give a big shout out to Lance Vernon for finishing his first 5k run even though it's a little long. He finished in just over 29 minutes and his goal was to break 30 minutes (if it was 5k) so he crushed that. We're also trying to get him a bike so he can do a triathlon.
Congratulations to everyone particpated in this. It was only ten runners which makes this the smallest race I've ever done. The run benefitted the Mabank High School Band, but there was no band members out there helping out.
This week we've hit the training hard in our next to last training block before BSLT 70.3 this summer. This weekend I am going to go to DFW and watch my buddies Jeremy and Carlos do their second and first triathlons at Benbrook and offer support so it should be a fun weekend.


  1. that sounds like a teeny race ! Two years ago I did a small race near my house. I was THE LEAD WOMAN RUNNER (which is unbelieveable - I am NOT fast) ... a volunteer didn't know I was on my second lap and pointed me in the wrong direction. When I turned around to go the right way there were two girls ahead of me that I couldn't catch. BOOO !

    (clearly, though, I'm over it now ;)