Monday, June 8, 2009

Super Summer Training FW Weekend

This weekend was a big training weekend in Fort Worth and to get the training kicked off right me and Tabitha checked out this Christian rock band called the Red. You may have heard their popular songs on the Christian/Rock stations "Death of me" and "Breathe into Me". If you like the hard rock stuff then you can visit them at

Saturday morning my buddy Lance and I went to a swim clinic put on by the Trident Sports FW group after I did a longish run out on the Trinity trails. It was a good clinic and they showed us a few new things we didn't know before. You can see me in the blue cap with my off color back. We were practicing group starts and someone had pulled me under and I was swimming under everybody. That was the first time that has happened. I also got behind Lance once in a group start swim and started pulling back on his feet. I knew had to behave myself since Coach Brent watching.

Later that day I knew I had fuel up for the next day's early morning workout Tab and I decided to branch out and try some Lebanese culture and Chadra's in the hospital district. This is great food, but honestly I don't know everything I was eating, but it was good and proved to be a good pre workout meal. The picture is plate 1 of 2.

Then we did some shopping in the Central Market where you can tons of healthy food. But I had enough health food for the day and was looking for desert so we found the ice cream aisle. In this picture it looks like I am trying to make a serious decision on which flavor to get. I defintely ate about 4 or more servings of this (after dinner).

Up and at'em early the next morning for a long bike ride with 1x60 min. at a really strong effort on a hilly route. I have gotten better at the hills as I used the big ring most of the time on the hills. Although there was this one hill near the end of the ride which is a tough climb, it was really scary going down as it is fast and curvy out on Lakeside Dr. I was scared to pedal down that thing. I had a good ride and was using a different sports drink as the hot weather has been playing with me a lot lately making me feel like I'm gonna puke with the old sports drink so I switched and felt a lot better this time around, except I could feel my breakfast for awhile. But overall I was fueled really good and had a good run but Coach Brent told me to slow down as we crossed each others paths on the run. I need to run at effort I can hold that for a half marathon not a 10k. I hit splits of 5.42 and 5.46 the first two miles but the third mile I slowed down purposefully to 6.15 but the 4th mile was rough at 6.27. I put in a good effort the last bit or so and picked it up some.

Last week in training I didn't finish one of the workouts last weekend due to the heat and called it in early. I am glad this weekend turned out to be a lot better. BSLT 70.3 is less than three weeks away. It will be here before you know it. I got a week or so left of some hard training, then it's taper time.

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