Tuesday, November 22, 2011

2011 Season Closure and Off Season Adventures

This is to what I hope to be quick update. While I had a decent 2011 season it wasn't near as great as 2010, mostly due to my fault, but we got through it none the less and ended the season with a win at the Oilman Half Iron. I have set some big goals for next season which most were supposed to have been for this season, but I had to reevaulate those goals and give it another shot. I already have my race schedule list pretty much complete for next season. I am already back to training again with a good wattage test done last week, let me know some good stuff. I am still enjoying some fun and working at the Tri Shop. The Tri Shop has only been open over a week and we are having a great time out of here. Here are some photos from the 2011 Off Season so far. 

Hey I think I need a bike fit, you know where I get one? 

Cool People at Skating Rink at White Rock. 
I am never racing NatMer and Liz Raz in skating again, both of'em kicked my butt. I tried to out sprint NatMer on the final turn and crashed. I guess run and bike speed doesn't transfer to skating so well. 

Even at a housing warming party, we still had to ride the bikes CX/Crit kinda style on old school Huffy's. Maybe we should have wore helmets? 

Warming up the house for Lucy and Matt Gore. 
@ TRI SHOP grand opening w/ David Lassiter and Jim Conolly. 

Well thanks again for reading! I gotta hurry and get signed up for the TX3 Series by OnUrMark Productions before the sell out. 

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