Saturday, November 26, 2011

2012 training started before 2011 has ended

Here it is and not even December yet and the swim, biking, running has begun to take place to start building for the 2012 season. Most mornings you can find me doing my workouts before 6am most days of the week. This Saturday morning was a 5 AM start at the Tri Shop Performance Studio in Plano, Tx, as me and Liz were one of the first people to put in a good session the computrainers here. My Coach Brent is already up to no good and coming up with ways to kick my butt through tying my feet up, running up hills, and pedaling with hard power. This was a small brick than what I will be accustomed to later but it was still quite a challenge and as I told Liz I rode like a lil' girl. She was offended by that, so I said a girl that is smaller than her. Today's workout was a 3x10 min interval at xxx watts then I went and ran down the road for a little bit.

Trying to ignore the Liz Raz who's always looking for photo opportunities.

In the hurt box pushing xxx watts.

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