Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Kept the Faith, Finished the Race!

Sitting in my apartment in Tyler, Tx and talking to my roommate Isaiah Martinez about what to do next with my life after my UT Tyler undergrad days were done. I decided to sign up for online classes through Texas A&M University-Commerce to do a Masters of Business Administration. I didn't know what I was doing and I for sure didn't know much at all about business. All I knew was I could do it if I maintained the faith and applied myself it would all work out. That was 4 years ago this month. There were many late nights and large quantities of coffee consumed as I worked full time. Training suffered some but was still maintainable. It was a loooong road ahead. I never thought I was going to see the light at the end, but I finally did with those last 2-3 classes to go, I just kept plugging away. I took my last class over the winter, it's also known as a 3 week "hell term" as I like to call it. As we had a paper or a project due by midnight Monday through Friday for those three weeks. There nights were several nights I was up to 3-5am. The work got done and I finished my last class on top with an "A". After those 4 years which seemed like a lifetime, I kept the faith and finished the race.

I owe huge thanks to the people that supported me tremendously through the 4 years. I am going try to name everybody who was there for me in some way, especially those that critiqued all my papers ;) you know who you are. I'll start with Jesus Christ, I'm not comparable to Tim Tebow but that it certainly could have not been done without Him. A fool would say otherwise. My parents Johnny & Glynis Ritter for their support and encouragement. Huge thanks to the following friends: Isaiah Martinez, Ann Marie Worley, Jerri Henderson, Jim & Penny McCan, Lance Vernon, Rachel Bishop, Mike Martinez, Jevara Jackson, Bo Trainer, Tabitha Wells, Brent Poulsen, Raul & Marta, Liz Meraz, Trent & Jennfer, Stefanie Dardaganian, Shanda Chambers, Jared Kirkpatrick, Carol Stark, Richard Burgunder, Margaret English, Kelly Harris, & Todd Hamilton. Just so you know I appreciate you guys very much!

Since I took a winter term and finished in January that means that graduation isn't until May so I'll have to wait for that fun ceremony until then. I am however looking forward to an exciting racing season with some huge events lined up and seeing where God leads me.

Thanks for reading & Keep the Faith!


  1. Congrats William! I still remember late nights sometimes finishing at 7:00 am when in Santiago de Chile and then joing for a little jog or hike the Andes Hills as a reward :-)
    Completing MBA is for sure a great achievement but believe me, you are going to miss those days and want to come back to play like in those business cases in so different worlds.

  2. Anonymous1/11/2012

    What can I say, except we are so very, very proud of you and excited to see where this will take you in the business world. May God surround you with a hedge of protection and listen to Him, where he is leading you. Remember we love you more than life itself!

    Daddy and Mama