Saturday, January 28, 2012

Plano Pacers "Fresh Start" 10K

This past weekend, I joined the Plano Pacers Running Club. Mainly, to get in a quality run and to run with some good runners once a month or so, as they have a monthly club run at the last Saturday of every month. I saw this is an opportunity to keep my running in check and monitor some progress. I did the "Fresh Start 10K" at Bob Woodruff Park in East Plano. I wasn't trying to "race" but just get in a hard effort. I wasn't really mentally prepared to be in "race mode". I didn't even shave my legs for this. I usually wake up 3-4 hours before I race and have a very light breakfast, instead I woke up 2 hours before.

As I signed up there it was like a flash back into the 1990's, as it reminded of my Longview Running Club days with the way of registering and the "seasoned" runners wore flashback jackets/windbreakers I haven't seen since then. This is awesome I thought.

At the start line listening to the race director give directions, I immediately got confused. He mentioned that the course had changed due to a flood on the trail, the he said their was a crime scene the night before but it had it been cleared so it was good to go. I was immediately concerned, because if you know me, me and directions don't go well together. Coach Brent informed me not to start too hard and keep things in check. Well, I went out with the front group of the two lead 5k runners, respectively, we were easily hitting 4:55 pace to start out with and this felt a lot better than it did last month, as it didn't feel that bad. We were all going back and forth in the lead. This was really fun, as a game of tactics was being thrown in. I thought we had dropped Kenny early on but he would come right back and charge to the front. Jacob was rollin' jamming to Eminem, loud & clear, I was able to rock out too. We clocked the first mile in 5:02. I had just taken over the group before the 5k runners turned off. Kenny & Jacob would finish the 5k in a respectable time of 16:53 and 16:57. I was by solo for the next 4.5 miles miles 2 and 3 were just under 5:30 pace. After mile 3, I must have just been getting warmed as I was able to pick up just under that pace running mile 4 in 5:18, then mile 5 in 5:24 and the 6th mile in 5:20. My garmin read the course as 6.4 miles and with a closing of a 5:12 pace around the lake.

I was surprised by my level of fitness this early in the year and that I didn't blow up. Thank you Kenny & Jacob for the extra push early in the race and the Lord for keeping us safe out there when we were pushing our limits in the cold weather. Thank you Coach Brent at rEvolution and the Kwicky Blades from Tri Shop I ran in. I am excited to get this tri season started!

Thanks for reading & congrats to all my friends who also ran the Texas Half & 3M Half Marathon.


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