Monday, February 20, 2012

2012 Tentative Schedule

If you don't know already, I am super excited to kick off this season in a big way. Since I've finished school and now have taken recovery modalities to the extreme between sessions, plus I am doing the work, getting it done. My fitness seems to be well ahead of where it was last year and in the year's past.

I still have a lot going on as I have always wanted to live in Fort Worth for years now and I finally got my chance. This week I will be busy looking for a place to live as I start my new job soon. Fort Worth is a great atmosphere for training as the Trinity Trails runs right through downtown and carries you out to the country pretty quickly. Not to mention my coach Brent Poulsen from rEvolution Multisport lives there. I imagine I'll be hanging onto him for some of my hard sessions to take my skills to the next level.

While 2011 didn't quite go the way I wanted it to due to some stupid decisions. I am back at it focused more than I have been before and I am reunited with my Coach Brent Poulsen, who I should have listened to from the very start of things. Brent's a great coach and has always been there for me. He keeps me in check when I start to get an ego and reminds there's a million other guys faster than me but also provides encourage, support, and motivation.

Here is my tentative schedule for the 2012 schedule of races I am either eyeing or registered to do. I say tentative because anything can happen in triathlon racing. It's pretty much the same as it was last year except for a few additions and some deletions. Still the main focus is on the 70.3's with some short course events sprinkled in because I love to race and it keeps you on your toes.

2012 Tentative Schedule

3.3 Woodlands Half Marathon
4.1 Texas 70.3
4.29 Kemah Triathlon
6.24 Buffalo Springs 70.3
8.8 Bridgeland
8.19 Spring/Fall Classic
9.9 World Championships 70.3 Vegas (Only without a roll down)
9.23 Branson 70.3
9.30 The Houston Triathlon
10.21 Tri Tyler Half Ironman
11.4 Oilman Half Ironman

I'm looking forward to a great year and seeing old friends and making new ones. Thank you again for another year of your support!



  1. Found your blog from @trishop tweet. Looks like you have a very busy year planned. Good luck with your training - hope you have a great racing season!

  2. That's a pretty busy year! Can't wait to see you rock all of those races!