Saturday, February 25, 2012

Plano Pacers "Bead Bash" 15K

I didn't have to to flash anyone my bird chest this morning to get beads at the Plano Pacers monthly run, with a Mardi Gras theme to it. I was hoping for a warmer start since temps have been near 80 all week, but to a fail, it was hovering just over 40.

I had a workout on schedule instead of a race, but I wanted to be around the others so I did a 25 min w-up at the start. My Garmin had died so I had my cell phone in my hand with stop watch mode ready to go. I had the best view on the course, like a fine wine. At least for the first 25 minutes. I need to change my racing approach. I've been doing it all wrong. Then I had to put some effort into it, a 2x15 min tempo to be exact at an approximated xx:xx exact pace. I was doing this on all grass pretty much to save my legs from the concrete for quicker recovery, while everyone else was concrete. After the first effort I ran myself into the third and that's where I stayed. I had short "recovery" or slower pace between, then another 15 min bout. I put some more effort into this one I thought I miiiiiight could catch 1st & 2nd but it was kind of a long shot. It's its about a 800 meter loop around a small pond to the finish, the runners were in sight and I was closing fast. Maybe with another 1-1.5 mile I would have had them. I finished the 15k part in just under an hour then went off and did a super easy 30 min cool down.

This next week, I'm going into a very light training week as I'm racing the St. Lukes Woodlands Half-Marathon. My running has been going well, but I'm ready to have some fresh legs now. It's also going to be a very busy week as I start my new job with EZ Flex Sport Mats and I'm moving to the Fort Worth area, which I'm really excited about.


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