Sunday, October 6, 2013

Life Time Tri Dallas

Last race of the season I was eager to get it done. I did this race in 2009 when it was at the American Airlines Center and I haven't had a chance to come back until now.

Walking on the dock to get to the start, goggles pulled down, and my game face on I was ready to race. We started swimming and I got kicked and my goggles got knocked around and they were full of water and I couldn't see at all. I put my head back down to keep swimming but had put pull up and adjust my goggles even then they were still half-full of water and I could barely see in front of me. Now I'm in the back of the pack.  It took sometime to adjust as I was zig zagging to the first turn.  In the far stretch I found some feet to draft off, although I'm not sure what happened to him as we rounded the last turn and he was gone. At the end the swim the water was shallow and I dolphin dived a few times to the exit.

The start of the bike as up a steep hill out of the parking lot and then take a right and it continues to climb. It took a few minutes to get into my shoes and get rollin'. I found myself lacking some bike strength especially after my long-time friend Pedro flies by me like I was sitting still, I was like "What the heck was that?" I continued to push and found myself getting angrier but still to no avail Pedro kept pulling away.

Running into T2 I jumped off it felt like my feet had turned into bricks. I forgot to bring toe covers. The run was on a whole different level. On the other side of transition we had to run up a steep hill the same way we went out on the bike course. Take a right and it continues to climb and into more hills through this neighborhood.  I found myself having a decent run, at least I was feeling good. After the first mile or so I could see Pedro way ahead. I had my sights set on catching him, it took awhile because Pedro is a stud and one of the hardest Brazilians I know. The volunteers were doing a great job out there keeping everyone's spirits up. It wasn't long then we had a 1/2 mile to go and I could see Brandon Barnett just in front me. I was starting a wild chase but couldn't quite get him at the line.

With an up and down season this year.  I was mainly focused on improving my swim. It taking a lot of work but I a believe we are finally making some progress on the swim. I know I'm going to make even more starting next season, but I'll still have to get my bike strength back up too.

I owe a lot of thanks to my Jesus for keeping me injury free this whole season. Of course to Calley Borocz my amazing girlfriend who has been with every step this year. Lance Vernon who has supported helped me through the years and came out of the way to cheer and keep Calley company. My parents for always believing in me. Richard Burgunder from Extremus, Brent Poulsen Revolution Multisport, Karbon Speed, and Tri It Wear.

I'm already looking forward to next year but first I'm going to enjoy a complete week off and then I'll ease back into it. Calley and I have also been planning a vacation in November to Colorado for a few days in Estes Park. We are both looking forward to that as well as we escape into the mountains.

Thanks for reading and I'll see ya on the courses next year!

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