Sunday, December 1, 2013

OutRival Racing & Sigma Performance Swimming for 2014

When it came time to think about strategy for 2014, I sent OutRival Racing a message to see if they would be taking on more athletes to coach next year. I have seen several of their athletes  make huge improvements over the last couple of years.  I was thinking I would start in the spring at the earliest, quite honestly. A quick reply back and they had me on the phone the next day. Thanks to their proactive approach, I'm actually coming on board much sooner than I thought. OutRival Racing is based in Houston, Texas founded in 2009 by former Pro Triathlete 2007-2010 Michelle Leblanc. In a short amount of time I've been very impressed with OutRival Racing.  I'm looking forward to working more with OutRival Racing (ORR) in the upcoming year. 

 I started working Andrew Ha the Founder and Stroke Mechanics Coach for Sigma Performance Swimming based in the Fort Worth area in October. Andrew is awesome, he films me every session and we do an end of month test which seems to get more challenging and faster at the same time. I've made vast improvements working with Andrew over the last two months.

Thanks again for reading. I'm looking forward to the 2014 triathlon season. 


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  1. You are going to really love Michelle and Outrival Racing.