Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Wiki Wiki Man Triathlon

Wiki Wiki Man where Dallas triathletes meet the East Texas/Tyler area Triathletes. While my the race I put together was sub par it was still good enough to put 3 Tyler triathletes in the top 5 in the olympic distance. What we didn't have numerically we made up with quality. Clay Emge stole the overall win after a near 4 min deficit in the swim, came back on the run. Seth Cooke blitzed the bike and held on for 3rd overall on the run.  I was slowest I've ever been on the swim, so-so on the bike and  run but was good enough for 5th.                                                  
Sandy swim exit area.  
Seth was going to draft off Clay and I was going to draft off Seth. Well I didn't last too long on Seth's feet and I don't think he lasted too long on Clay's.  It took me awhile to get going on the bike it started with a straight out headwind I had guys Shawn Bonsell and Peter Strickler in questionable proximity behind me on the bike. Coming back in was nice with the tailwind we were easily hitting speeds 30+ mph. I had no legs for the run period starting out into the wind I was hanging on. Even though Shawn was in a different wave he edged me out by 10 seconds for the fourth spot.

Small section on the run. 

Thanks again for reading and all the support! I am thankful that God protected me out there and that my Bride, Calley came out to watch along with Extremus, OutRival Racing, Cobb Mobb by Cobb Cycling!!  In a few weeks I'll be racing down in Austin at Cap Tex. 

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