Thursday, April 17, 2014

New Orleans 70.3

There isn't too much to write about this one.  It was not a friendly welcome back to long course racing.  I ended up with a DNF because with 8 miles left on the bike I had hit a huge crack in the road that blew out my front tubular tire in the sidewall. Somehow I managed to stay up right after doing a little weaving skid for about a 100 feet. I knew my Pit Stop wasn't going to fix that flat.  The mechanical team and I were out of tubulars and a front wheel. I ended up getting a sag in and therefore was I done. I still have quite a bit of other issues to address too that I care not to ramble on about.  My efforts for the day were awarded with a nice sunburn, a flat tire, and a tech tee. Praise be to God for all the good ones and even the bad ones. Without the bad ones we would never learning anything and evidently I have a lot to learn.  This is racing and I'll fight another one.

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