Saturday, April 5, 2014

Superman Bicycle Acrobatic Stunt

This morning was supposed to have been just a long prep ride for New Orleans 70.3 next week.  I'm not preparing to crash next week, but it happened and it happened out of nowhere fast. I was riding along starting get into my ride a little more when I hit a little bump, my elbows slid of my elbow pads and there I went straight out into superman mode onto the road. My bike flew over me across someones driveway barely missing there parked car and into their front yard. I could see my bike in the air as I was crashing onto the road.

 A couple of years ago I crashed on the Trinity Trail in Fort Worth a week before the Kemah Triathlon fracturing my ulna. I can say this time I walked away relatively easy given the crash. I did collect some road rash and holes in some of my new bike clothes. However, after all of this race goes on. I got back up  on my bike in the new positioning that I created for myself and road back to the house to finish up on my road bike (on the trainer) after Nurse Calley put hydrogen peroxide on my battle wounds.

High tech Cobb Cycling jersey got ruined. Even my spare tube got tore up. 

The most damage to me. 

Craft base layer ruined (bought on sale). 

Some road rash to my legs, wish I had shaved my legs before this ride. 

Smashed up that bottle but it still works but broke the right water cage. 

Finally, a new bike position to present to John Cobb on Monday. 

As the day wore I on, I found myself becoming more sore. Tomorrow should be fun. 

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