Monday, April 13, 2015

Tyler Run for Autism

This past weekend with the Tyler Run for Autism half marathon and the IHL Longview triathlon was a plan in my build up for Challenge Knoxville Half Iron and the Legend Tri Kansas Half Iron as a 3 day block with an  almost 2 hour bike on the computrainer with steady intervals at 80-95% off my functional threshold power Friday morning. The ride wasn't that bad, but I felt in my legs not long later. We were simulating racing on some tired legs - that we accomplished 

My long time ETBU college buddy, Jeremy Bosco and I won a facebook contest sponsored by Complete Nutrition, that granted us access to the start line.  Apparently some people took my sarasm seriously when I posted on facebook, "I heard this is mostly flat and downhill, a lot of PR's for everyone." 

It was a chilly 50 degrees race morning, but perfect for racing with the sun out. Jeremy and I were one of the first runners to arrive and spent most of the time before the race hiding out inside the Church trying to stay warm. 

My main competition for the morning would be my fellow Cobb Mobb-er and Cobb Cycling co-worker, Seth Cooke. He's a legend in the multi-sport community and feels no pain. 

At the start I settled ahead of the front pack right from the start. Tyler Bicycle Club's Ryan Moore protected me on the Tyler roads and through the park to make sure I had a clear path and we had two motorcycle cops on Grande, that were rocking out and singing the whole way.  The run crossed Loop 323 and into the Rose Rudman Park. At the end of the park we took a left on  Grande, a 3+ mile stretch all the way to the Hwy. 110 and back. Grande Blvd. is known for it's hills.  This stretch seemed to go on forever. There isn't a flat section on Grande. Once going up hill, I pushed Ryan when he was on his bike. He said, "Am I not going fast enough for ya?" I said, "No you're fine, I'm just messin' with ya." 

I cruised through the first mile in 5:49 and I was talking to comfortably to Ryan. This was the same pace average I ran at the Fresh 15k and this felt way easier.  Knowing I was racing the Longview triathlon the next day, I held back a lot.  The rest of the race I was around a 6:00-6:10 pace, with a couple other miles in the 5:47 range. 

During the race, Ryan would let me know how far back Seth was. Ryan once told me that Seth was gaining on me and I said, "That's ok I got something special for him." At the half way point, Seth was faking his form with his head rolling and body rotating, it appeared to me like he was digging deep and gaining on me rather quickly so I dropped the pace back down to just under 6 minutes for the next mile. We got back into the park and at mile 11 not sure if Seth was making a run for me or not, I dropped it down to a 5:20 pace for a half-mile to add some distance between us. Mile 13 was my slowest mile in 6:19, I was starting to calm down and get some energy ready for the finish, my finishing kick was 5:16 pace at the end with a finishing time of 1:19.06. Nothing super fast, I was running just fast enough to win and hopefully have something something left for the Longview triathlon. I should have went for a PR if I had known how my legs were going to feel anyways. 

Seth is a great competitor and sport. He ramping up for Ironman Texas with plans of qualifying for Kona a second time. He PR'd by 7 seconds on a hard course. 

My parents from Carthage woke up early and made a trip in to see to visit. 

The Cobb Mobb locals swept the men's podium and Rachel won overall female with a PR. 

Glory to God for the a great race and win! Thank you to my family, Cobb Mobb, Extremus, and Coach Jeremy for getting me fast again. Also to Complete Nutrition in Tyler for the entry, all the amazing support and time from the volunteers that made the race extremely successful. 

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