Friday, July 3, 2009

Recovery Ride Blowout

The other day I rode with my good buddy Lance who I have been helping get ready for his first triathlon next week in Grand Prarie, Tx (DFW). I was on a recovery ride and he had a 60-75 minute hilly hard ride. So I figured I could stay easy if I just draft behind him the whole way. Well, I was wrong he dropped my tried BSLT 70.3 legs like a bad habit and I was on spinning very slowly and in the granny ring to get up those big hills. I turned around early so I ride even slower getting back and going up this hill my mental speed radar said I was about 0.5 mph and BOOM! Sounded like a small beebee gun was shooting at me. I had a flat.
I should have chunked this tire long time ago (like a year ago) but I rode it past it's death.
It was a long walk so I got bored and starting moo-ing at cows.

It was a long walk back.


  1. ha!
    I'm sorry, I shouldn't laugh... but
    it's kind of funny ;)

  2. I have moo'd at cows, gobbled at turkeys, and eeeaaawwwed at donkeys, it's all fun! :)