Monday, July 13, 2009

Way to Go Lance!

From a former beer guzzler and former gym quitter, congratulations Lance Vernon you are a triathlete

! This weekend my buddy Lance did the Iron Brothers Super Sprint triathlon this weekend in the DFW area one of Jack Weiss races of Ironhead Race Productions. It was a 400m swim, 11 mile bike and a 2 mile run. He finished in 57.46 after 5 weeks of specific training under my guidance, in that time he lost 12 pounds in 5 weeks so he is down after a long plateau of 185 to 173. He will lose more weight too, because he will have some big bikes coming up in a couple of weeks. His girlfriend's brother n law was out there too and said he mounted that bike like a "wild cowboy". Anyways he came out strong after the swim and mounted the bike like I taught him, like a "wild cowboy" he had a good bike of 21.6 mph, the run hurt but he got through it with a good sprint at the end. He was competitive in his age group of 45-49 finishing 5th in it and he wasn't far behind everyone else in it and 24th OA out of 289 people. He has worked very hard, he even pretty much built his bike all the way up, so now I have bike mechanic in the area ;)

I've been on bummed foot since BSLT 70.3, but it is better now. Lesson learned is to never run without your orthotics. I've done a few water runs in the lake and I'll start running again this weekend. This week has been a lot of biking with a 20k TT earlier this week, finished in 30.32 of 24.37 mph and some VO2 intervals on Friday and long hard bikes on Saturday and Sunday in the heat. Sunday's ride I put down 8+ bottles of fluid. I called Tab half way through the bike and said it would be really nice if you brought some cold water out here. Then she followed me for another hour to make sure I was gonna be alright and I guzzled more water.

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  1. Anonymous7/17/2009

    Thanks for all the kind words William. Thanks to you it was all possible. I think I suprised myself on this one. Can't wait for the next one!