Sunday, January 31, 2010

2010 Racing Schedule

This year is going be tough and crazy season with everything going on. Besides working full time, I am also in school going for an MBA with Texas A&M Commerce University it's all online which makes it convenient but online classes aren't any easier than "live classes", they are possibly even harder. I have a lot of writing I am doing this semester but thanks to my friend Emily from New York, she is in my BeginnerTriathlete Mentor group and also a former english major in law school that looks over and edits my papers for me. Thanks Emily!!!

This weekend of training was bad, went to a swim clinic by Michael Dawdy of Max VO2 Training Systems in Dallas and learned that my hips drop too much especially when I breathe to the left. My hips are low in general too. I am sure I will be spending a lot of time fixing that.

Below is my racing schedule. I would like to do more but unfortunately there isn't enough money or time. I think it's important to stick with the goals and go for key races. I will be focusing on the 70.3 Ironman distance and I am also doing the Playtri North Texas Series which consist of 4 triathlons. There a few extra triathlons and a couple of running road races.

2/21 Texas Motor Speedway Du- Fort Worth
3/6 Athens Triathlon
4/11 Gateway to the Bay 0ly- Kemah
4/25 Lone Star IM 70.3- Galveston Island
5/2 McKinney Triathlon (NT Series)
5/16 Four States- Texarkana
6/6 Play Tri Fest oly- Los Colinas (NT Series)
6/19- Pioneer Day 5k- Eustace (Cedar Creek Lake)
6/26 Buffalo Springs Lake IM 70.3- Lubbock
8/1 River Cities- Bossier City, LA
8/22 Take on the Heat- The Colony (NT Series)
9/12 Prairie Man 70.3- Grand Prairie
9/26 Stone Bridge oly- McKinney (NT Series)
10/17 Longhorn Austin IM 70.3
11/1 Riverside V- Shreveport, LA
11/13 Foster Grant Ironman 70.3 World Chamionships- Clearwater, FL (if qualify)

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  1. i'm going to try and witness one of these this year