Sunday, March 7, 2010


Game face on!

In 2008, at Athens it was 28 degrees. 2009 it was 38 degrees and raining. This year the weather turned out a great it was above 50 degrees and sunshine!

Things were better since the Texas Motor Speedway at the Athens triathlon I did finish!!!! If Carley had entered the race I probably would have been chicked again!

They say you aren't supposed to try anything new on race day, but I used my new blueseventy vision goggles that I haven used yet. They worked great and were a comfortable fit. I finished the swim a bit slower than I was expecting, and then got on the bike to have my brake shift on me and rub my disc wheel. I think this may have happened when I hit the rough chip seal. It wasn't just a soft rub, it was amazing I could even pedal it. Athens is a slow bike course due to chip seal on the road and some hills, I managed a 22.7 mph average. Then that made for tired legs on the run, but I was getting faster every mile, that was probably due to my roommate who came out to yell (support) at me and it was slightly downhill on the way back. Thanks Josh!!! My heart rate was also slightly lower than normal for this, but I wasn't rested up for this, I was going into it sort of fatigued. I finished in 7th overall and 2nd in my age group. There was some fast athletes out here today, a shout out to Mark Saroni for killin' it out there, and he led the UT-Tyler team to victory over Texas A&M in the college division.

From this, I took back a lesson, and that is to check everything on your bike before your race to make sure nothing is loose, especially brakes ;) .

on the way back to T2.

A few shout outs of thanks. Thanks to the Jesus! It was a great a training event to do and I made it all in one piece and walked away very tired from it. To FBC Athens for hosting the carb dinner which had some great vegetable lasagna and I also like to thank Jim and Penny McCan for hosting me and my training mate Bryce Fluker, and I apologize to Bryce for hitting him when we were sleeping.

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