Saturday, April 17, 2010

CASA-Athens 5K

Thanks to Amy Strange and Gene Meyers I got talked into doing the Casa 5k in Athens this weekend. I showed up to volunteer after running 3x1 mile repeats on 2 min. rest. (5:13, 5:15, 5:14) early in the morning. I barely got first overall on tired legs in 17:39, it was more of a progression tempo for me, my roommate Josh was in it and he was 2nd overall for the day just seconds behind me. Congrats to him. He started pushing me the last mile, we were getting faster every mile. The good thing is my coach didn't kill me for doing it. The CASA 5k supports and helps children who have been abused. The county I live in, Henderson County Texas has the highest abuse rate in the whole state. To learn more about Casa check out this link

After the race some buddies met up for a hilly 2 hour ride, then me and buddy, Brandon did an hour swim following that. Today was a big fuel day. I live on sports drink, energy and protein bars, and gels. Tomorrow is a "small" brick and then recover for Galveston next weekend! Good luck to all my friends racing NOLA 70.3 this weekend.

I've also been growing an awesome handlebar stash this week for Galveston, but an old roommate, Justin is going to be out there and he is an awesome photographer, so it may have to go. I can't until next weekend, I am going down there with my buddy Lance who also has an awesome handlebar.

The handlebar stash is strong and ready to go.
Josh on the left, my buddy CJ in the red, and I am behind him.

Lots of people showed up, hopefully the race will start bringing in some faster runners for next year.

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