Monday, April 12, 2010

Gateway to the Bay 2010

This past weekend, April 10-11, was the Gateway to Bay Triathlon. Which brought in a few pro athletes such as Matty Reed and Andy Potts who formed a relay team: Team Potts and Team Reed helped raise money for Other pros included James Bales and Brandon Marsh, they battled it out whole distance.

I stayed at my friend Rachel's place in The Woodlands, near Houston, Tx, she offered me a very comfortable couch. I got some much needed sleep in and woke up to a relaxed morning of coffee and breakfast on the balcony with sunshine and an amazing view of the resort style pool. Then she participated in my race prepping actives of a short bike and run. The weather out of nowhere started raining as we were cycling. She's a trooper and didn't complain once. She is doing her first triathlon in May. Good luck to her!!!

The day of the race, we stayed at buddy Stephen Milford's place and rode around with him and after packet pick up we got stuck at a red light because he forgot to fill his tank up with gas. Behind us was an old man yelling, cursing, and tossing his hands up. I got out of the car to push and Rachel helped and then a truck, all of a sudden pulled up behind us and 4 good size young men jumped out wearing Tapout apparel. I thought they were UFC fighters, one had a broken hand. I asked if in fact they were UFC fighteers, but I they just wear the clothes.

The swim was point to point and they dropped us off from a boat that took out there. We had the current pushing us. For this 1500 meters swam, I swam really slow in 29:46, but everyone was slow. It was slow for a few reasons: It was long, a lot of zig zagging since the buoys were far spaced out, or a combination of both, or I could be just slow. Either way, the swim hurt my overall race results. I have to get to a lot faster.

The bike was strong. I averaged 24.5 mph, and that is with stopping because my helmet came unbuckled as soon as I started, and I think this may have caused me to have a 2 min. penalty. Also, my calves were cramping up and I would stand up and coast in the pedals several times to stretch them. I liked the bike course it was 2 loops up and down the Kemah bridge and along 146, with some serious sharp curves. We had a tailwind pushing us up the long gradual hill and then a headwind going back. I was actually going slower on the downhill portion due to the headwind. Then at T2, I didn't realize the dismount line was there as soon as it was once we turned off 146. I had one shoe off and the other I had to unclip and get off the bike. I saw my mom in the corner of my eye and tossed my shoe out to her. I was hoping it was her at least since that was an expensive bike shoe ;) There is 4 second video of me coming by on the bike on my facebook page, check out Just don't blink.

I paid on the run for biking so hard, but still got under a sub 6 split. The run course was an out and back with 2 loops. I started my first loop as pro triathlete, from Austin, Brandon Marsh started his second loop and timed it just right to jump on his shoulder and try to go with him. Ha, that lasted about a 1/4 mi. but I tried, then it was just keeping him in sight as long as I could. Then just before the last turn, Matt Reed, a pro from Boulder, Co, who was doing the relay, ran past me as if I was standing still. I tried to run with him, but he was going sub 5 pace and that was way to fast for me at the time.

Overall, I enjoyed the race and this is one I will consider going back to next year. I got Andy Potts and Matt Reed to sign me finisher's shirt. Then as I did my cool down jog I ran into Matt Reed, he's hard to miss. Then finished it out with him since he was going my kinda pace then. He remembered me at the end and said he struggling to catch me.

Thank you to all the volunteers and sponsors who helped make the race a great success. Thanks to Rachel, Stephen, Brad, and my Mom and Dad for hospitality, pictures, and support!!! Most of Jesus Christ, for keeping me safe out there. There were a few wrecks due to a sharp/slickish turn. Also a shout out to Courtney Hill, from Gun Barrel City, she had bike accident the week before and ran the sprint race on Saturday with a leg with 5 stitches!!!! She is super tough!

Here are a few pictures from the trip/race.

me and Brandon Marsh after the race, he's so fast he already had his polo on.
Stephen and I after the race. Congrats to him, it was his first time beating me with neither of us having a mechanical failure.
Crossing the finish line.
Coming in on the bike realizing I just messed up for the dismount.

a point to point swim

Matt Reed and Andy Potts giving a post race speech.
Top 3 males, James Bales, Brandon Marsh, and Bradley Pigage.
Stephen filling up with gas at the taco bell, after he stalled out at a redlight.
Rachel getting ready to ride.
Rachel, who also took a lot of photos for me.
Me and Matt Reed at the finish.

I'll be doing Ironman Texas 70.3, next weekend! I am excited to do this race too.

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