Sunday, March 20, 2011

Longview Half Marathon

This past weekend I competed in the 1st Annual Longview Half Marathon; back to my grass roots where I did a lot of running . There was an excellent turn out however, going in I was nervous about racing.   I mean it's been awhile since I've raced without having to swim or bike before running and the fact was I was racing some "real" runners. We started on the track at Lobo Stadium.  I thought it was a slow start but I opened up with a 5:21 mile.   Benson Osoro,the Kenyan, takes off moments just after we exited the stadium, followed in persuit by Jacob Phillps and Drew Bean. I was just behind Phillips and Bean early in  the race.  Phillips makes a break around mile 3 on a descent. I saw Bean taking looks back and I thought he started to fatigue, so I  picked up the effort but made no success. I started losing site of Bean around mile 7. The course was on the shoulder of a highway with long rolling hills.  Near the end of the race we zig zagged through a hilly neigbhorbood.  Eventually, we made our way back around the stadium for the finish.  At mile 11, coming out of the neigbhoorhoods I was starting to get delerious, I took a gel and I ran the 13th mile in just over 6 minutes but hearing Jenn "cheer" me around the track I scrambled to sub 5 pace the last minute.  I earned 4th place overall, just one place shy of the money, in 1:15.38.  It was great seeing old and new friends out there. The Longview Running Club coordinated a spectacular event that drew out a great crowd for a first time event. 


On another note, out on an easy training ride the day after and "bambi"  dashes across the road and me of all people hits the deer. I would have finished the ride but my handlebars were off. Thanks to Jenn for picking me up and Lance for repairing my bars. In two weeks, weeks I start the first triathlon of the year at The Kemah Triathlon. 

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