Monday, September 19, 2011

70.3 World Championships Recap

I want to give big thank you to everyone who supported and believed in me. This would not of course be possible without the Lord for watching overme this year, during our travels, and the race. My parents for there endless love. Brandon McGee my roommate, he let me borrow his 11-28 cassette for the hills and I trained on his computrainer, which is sold now :( . Nathan Villa, my main G right there, for handing me a saddle while mine had fallen apart. My sponsors thatI rep. OnUrLeft Sports, Bicycles Plus, Tri It Wear, and Wheaties Fuel! Bryce and Mr. Fluker for letting me come along this trip and making it a memorable one. Mr. Fluker and Bryce picked me Wednesday morning and we drove to Santa Rosa, New Mexico that night and were greeted by cooler temperatures. Then t
he following day we traveled the through the rest of New Mexico and upward to Northern Arizona where we stopped at the Grand Canyon. Bryce and I did a 30 minute run around
the south rim of the Canyon then hitched a bus ride back. The 30 minute run took us near an hour and half as Bryce wanted to stop every 30 seconds for pictures, haha. The weather had drastically changed on us with high winds and some light rain and we could see lightening in the distance but we made it safely back.

Bryce and I about to start are run along the south rim.

Snapping a wicked photo of the Grand Canyon in the middle of a run.

Bryce and I at the Grand Canyon before we began our "30 min" run. Friday morning we went from the Grand Canyon to the expo in Henderson, NV. We went to the expo and met pro's Linsey Corbin and Michael Weiss. Then for a 20 minute outdoor pool swim and we had the Welcome Dinner that night.

Bryce and I before our departure to Vegas!

Morning View of the Grand Canyon.

W/ Austria's Michael Weiss (4th) and Linsey Corbin (3rd).

Saturday morning was an early start for us as we met my Coach Muddy Waters and some of his other Muddy Buddies at the race site for some pre race day prep exercises. We did a 20 minute swim in Lake Las Vegas, followed by a 30 minute spin along the beginning of the course and back, then an easy 15 minute run.

W/ Shama cycle guys from Houston. Double Andrew and Jason and me repping the Bicycles Plus from Dallas.

With super studes from Dallas, Chris Moody, Travis Thomason, and Ron Tribendis.

Bryce and I after the welcome dinner.

Bryce and I chillin' out pre-race!

suited up and ready to head down to join our wave start.

I didn't bother warming up too much for this race since we were the last wave to go. I just did some dynamic type of stretching with my arms and legs. If I had to do it over again I would start off at the front of the swim to latch on to swim one a bit more faster than me instead, I chose to stay more so in the middle in hopes of that saving some energy and by not getting banged up too much with the size of our wave. I did get to draft on some swimmers but I think I could have went with someone a lot of faster than me. I came out of the water in 34:12, a little slower than usual but this was without wetsuits, but some of my competitors that come out at the same time as me were minutes back.

I ran as fast as I could or fast as you can run after swimming 1.2 miles through the 30o meter transition run and I ran also with my shoes on my feet to our bikes which I normally never do but my coach Muddy Waters reccommended it since we had a curve then a steep uphill there would be no time for putting your shoes on the bike. I heeded his advice and it turned out rather well as blitzed by several other riders still putting on shoes.

Shown here about to mount.

This 56 mile bike was either uphill or down hill. There was no flat sections on this course. Under a roundabout and under a tunnel a water bottle had popped out of my front cage. I stopped to get it but a volunteer stopped me and got it for me, probably losing a minute, at least it felt like it. I rode the first half rather conservatively as it was one hill after another. My adductors were already screaming at me. I started picking it up a bit and going with these other riders that had passed me, then around mile 40-45 my buddy Cam from Lubbock caught me after being 3 minutes back from me on the swim. He was riding well. I tried to go with him and keep him in sight. But I faded back and I struggled the last 10 miles back into Henderson to T2, but I was keeping positive spirits.

Coming into T2.

As I jumped off my bike, I almost hit the ground as my legs were rubbery. I was thinking this ain't good. Once I sat down and got my running shoes on I was up and it and rather surprised how good I was feeling. Hitting a sub 6 minute pace in control, despite it was downhill at the beginning. Make a U turn just after the first mile and that quickly changed, as it was all uphill on the second half of the loop. Regardless, I stayed in control of my run the entire race, despite being on the verge of cramping. The last 3 miles I tried to bust out a nice run split, but my legs were about to cramp. I was like Ok, let just maintain this effort and try again the last mile. I brought it home in a nice fashion under a 6:30 pace at least. I paid the price later as I puked 3x. I finished the run in 1:28+ with a 6:44 pace a total time of 4:41.32 which put me 20th in the 25-29 age group.

Coming into finish the race!

Bryce and I post race!
Awards Banquet that night pool side!
Top 10 Women w/ Australia's Melissa Rollison leading the way.
Top 10 Men w/ Australia's Craig Alexander and 2x 2008,2009 Ironman World Champion and 2006 70.3 World Champion at 38 years of age does it again!
W/the new CEO, Andrew Messick of WTC. Was a super nice guy!
Chunkin' up the deuce w/ 4th place, Austria's Michael Weiss.
The next day after the race it felt like we were hit by a truck and I was walking slower than 66 year old Mr. Fluker. He actually walks quite fast by the way. We went to Vegas to Gallup, NM. We stopped at Walnut Canyon National Monument where Indians once dwelled and they carved out there homes in the Canyon.
Bryce and I at the entrance.

The little holes are the Indian homes.
Here I am inside of an Indian home.
The next day we drove from Gallup, NM to Amarillo, Tx but first we stopped by the El Morro National Monument and Clines Corner, a World Famous Travel Stop. The El Morro monument is contains written messages from people from the 1600-1900s'. It's quite historic if you ever get to check it out.

El Morro!
@ Clines Corner.
From Amarillo, Wednesday morning we made it back safely to The Colony and East Texas.

Bike Course Preview.

My goal for this course next year is to crack the top 5 in my age group as they were all from Belgium and Germany. I only have 3 race left I am doing this year with the next one is this weekend in McKinney, the Stonebridge Ranch triathlon. Thank you again for all your support!

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