Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Bosco Wedding & Stonebridge Ranch

Last weekend was the Stonebridge Ranch triathlon in McKinney. I was looking forward to racing so close by, since I was going to stay in town for my college friend Jeremy Bosco's wedding. S0- Saturday night I left to go to the wedding in plenty of time, it's a good thing too, as I got lost a couple of times and arrived to the wrong wedding. I am pulling up to the street that where the wedding is supposed to be, I see a sign that is for  a wedding. I walk into the backyard and feeling overdressed as most of the guys are decked in wranglers, flannel shirts, and cowboy hats. I was like man, these folks are country. The backyward nice with poolside and a view of a clean cut golf course. I was sitting there wandering why nobody I recognize from college was there and doubting these people had college degrees. I see someone with a card and it had a different name on it. It's 6:58pm and the wedding starts at 7pm. There is no sign of Jeremy. Things started to click I dash out get in my car, race down the street and make it in time to see Jeremy and his wife up there together. My friend Carlos Ruiz was on mexican time and he did the same thing and stopped at the wrong wedding. I didn't feel so bad then. 

Jeremy and Cameron moments before they were pronounced husband and wife. 

Friends from ETBU- Mark Jackson, Duy Nguyen and Carlos Ruiz. Please excuse my sweaty arm pits it was hot outside. 

I arrived at 5:15am to the race site one of the very first people there ready to get set up to rock and roll. Once it finally got daylight we are allowed to warmup for a couple of minutes. Then we got kicked back out of the water again, because some of miscommunication. Then back in the water again for another 2 minutes before we got kicked out.My swim start was rough from the start as immediately water got kicked in my goggles and I was struggling to see. I was trying to make the best of it, by the time we got to the first turn I had to pause for a second and let the water that had filled my goggles up out. After a week off after Vegas and getting back into it, I found it hard to push the intensity like I usually can, plus struggling to swim straight didn't help and the kayakers and jet skis were moving all over the place. I was looking off the bouy several times and a kayaker would be right in front of the bouy you were trying to sight off of. 
Finally, got out of the water in 25:53 and through transition. Once on my bike, I pushed the intensity because I knew had a lot of work to do, coming out 7th or so out of the water in our small 10 man division. We had a decent south wind and uphill start, we did this loop four times. The back side is pretty fast. The last loop or two I was having quite a few calf cramps,  it's been awhile since I had those. Off the bike with a 24.9 bike split and in 5th off the bike. 
I took off to a strong start and realized after a week off I didn't have quite the same zipp. I settled into a little slower pace than I am used to for a 10k run but I held it consistent for 3 miles, until I started having stomach issues at 3 miles. By mile 4, my stomach felt like it wanted puke, by the last mile I was having some light chills. It was very wierd. My 5th mile was 7 min and my last mile was 7:40. I jogged it in for 3rd overall. 

Top  3 guys
Thanks to my amazing God and the people that support me. Justin from Bicycles Plus tuned my bike up that it would put Di2 shifters to shame. This week, I am getting back into some solid training under me. I think I lost my legs in Vegas.  I am looking forward to my next race called Try Andy's in Sugarland. It's going to be a very fast race. 

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