Monday, January 13, 2014

Cobb Mobb 2014 Elite Team

This maybe long over due as many of you know already especially my buddies in Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, and East Texas. I was recently selected on the Cobb Mobb Elite Team for 2014.  

The Cobb Mobb is a nation wide triathlon team which also includes a team of Pro's and a grassroots team backed by the power of Cobb Cycling located in a little town called Tyler, Texas. 

When I first heard of the opportunity I eagerly applied and couldn't wait for the announcement to hurry up and be released, based on the names above I knew it was going to be super competitive to get in on the elite team. I was excited when Jeremy had contacted to let me know I had made it.

 I first met John Cobb, I believe it was at the pre-tri clinic for the Rose City triathlon in August 2008.

 John Cobb is known world wide for his research and design particularly in saddle design and aerodynamics and has been in the cycling and triathlon industry since the 1970's. The Cobb Cycling company however started just in 2008 and they are huge supporter in the local community. To learn more about John Cobb go here.

I just got the new Cobb JOF saddle, it's technical name is the 55 almost just like this one shown, below, except mine is solid black throughout. I had switched over recently from an ISM saddle. I like this Cobb saddle because the front is more narrow which allows my legs to have less restrictions and still relieves other areas. It also seems less bulky and better comfort.

I am glad to know my better side is backed up by the Mobb as I'm looking forward to representing the Cobb Mobb team this year.

Thanks again for reading!!

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