Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Shama Fit

This 2014 I am blessed to be working with great team of people that includes Shama Cycles out of Houston. Of course you know I don't live anywhere near Houston. I don't go to H-Town often but when I do it's well worth a stop at Shama Cycles.

I had the opportunity to work with Philip Shama. Shama is a huge supporter in the cycling and triathlon community and is a partner with OutRival Racing. Shama has also worked with pro cyclist and triathletes, so I was comfortable with him helping with my fit. I am disappointed I came on Saturday instead of Friday. Friday at Shama's is "Cup Cake Friday".

I made some radical changes to my bike fit at the start of the 2012 season. There isn't exactly a text book fit for every rider. It's been a struggle coming back to racing the bike portion like the old day's the last couple of years but we are getting there and better, my power to weight ratio says so.

The problems  due because I was set way behind the bottom bracket and had extreme flexion in my ankles, I was set up well on the front end though but they went the wrong direction with me. Over the course of the last two years I have made some small changes to my bike fit that were positive steps in the right direction.

These next two pictures I am set up in Shama's fitting room. Please disregard the mis-matched kit. I am wearing my first ever bicycle jersey though, repping the San Diego Bicycle Club.

Bike Fit from mid 2013

Shama Fit 2014

Good part about Shama is that he listens to and even checks on you after the fit and wants you to update him.  The changes that were made with Shama included a small cleat adjustment, longer stem, added some spacers back in, raised saddle height very slightly, and switched out my old ISM saddle for the Cobb JOF. There will be some more changes that I will eventually need to make as well over time, maybe a lot of time ;)

Since the Shama Fit and after few riding miles I am riding comfortably with a higher cadence and I can hold aero position. I never knew I had shoulder discomfort but there significantly less if any tension in my left shoulder. I am also loving the Cobb JOF (Just Off Front) saddle, it has the right amount of thickness and doesn't restrict my legs and other areas, but I'll do another blog on that soon. With the increase in stem length, you think I would have less control over the front wheel. It turns out I must have been really squirly to begin with because I can't really tell a difference.

I'll probably say this over and over again this year but I am really blessed to have a great team of people behind me this year. I really appreciate all the help!

Thanks for reading and if you are in Houston be sure to check out Shama's Cycling, especially on Friday for cupcakes.

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