Monday, July 21, 2014

Fresh15 Monday Motivational 7.21.14

The Fresh15 a local road race, but one of the very best and well managed road races to do in the East Texas area are introducing local runners every Monday. I was the first one to go. The Fresh 15k is in March, if you can make it out. You won't be disappointed. 

"We are proud to present our FIRST ever #MotivationalMonday piece, spotlighting local triathlete William Ritter."

More about William....

  • How long have you been running? I've been running since 1996. My PE teacher would have us run laps around the playground field and I would usually start last and try to catch everyone. I entered a few field day competitions and won the 800 meter by a split second. I was always a shy kid growing up and so I missed the opportunity to be on the 7th grade junior high team, but my mom talked to the principal and I signed up for the Marine Corps 5k. I was 12-years-old at the time and can still remember my time  - 21:21. After that I joined the Longview Running Club and the Carthage Bulldogs Junior High School Team.
  • What motivaties you to continue even when it's hard? I'm super competitive and love the daily grind of what training brings.
  • Do you have any tips to share with newbie runners? Start very easy at first and get your bones and muscles adapted first before adding too much. A run/walk plan is great to build up your endurance. Example: 10 minutes of 1-minute jog/2-minute walk. Total time would be 30 minutes. Don't rush the process, everyone is different.
  • Do you have any rituals that help you prepare for race day? I used to be more ritualistic but not so much anymore. I do ice baths about once a week at the end of a hard week and try to get in an epsom salt bath in the middle of race week. I also try to incorporate some light stretching and foam rolling about every day.
  • William graduated from UT Tyler in 2007 with a degree in Health & Kinesiology. He was the 5th man on a very fast cross country team in 2006, having run at East Texas Baptist University prior to UT Tyler. He moved back to Tyler this year and recently married his best friend, Calley Borocz, in March. William says, "I love the tight-knit community here."

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