Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Kansas 5150

This time my Dad and I made a first time ever Father/Son road trip to Kansas 5150 for the weekend. Since the crash in Lubbock, my road rash took longer to heal than I thought would. Thanks to my N.P. I got a hold of some prescription cream but later had to go on antibiotics too. I ended up skipping out on a super fast field at the Shadow Creek Ranch sprint near Houston last week. 

Saturday morning we had big breakfast at the Global Cafe in downtown Lawrence of the main strip on Massachusetts St. This restaurant is where all the cyclist, yo-gist, and hippies go. After that we went to the Clinton State Park Lake for an easy packet pickup trip and got in a short open water swim and bike ride on the course. 

Race morning there were all these moths around transition and several at the edge of the lake as we walked in for the swim. I was in the amateur elite division and we were a small group of just 12 guys. Most of these guys could really swim in the 20-22 min range for 1500 meters. I had pretty bad swim and shouldn't have been that slow. It was barely wetsuit legal and honestly too hot. I would love to see USAT lower the wetsuit rule down to 76 degrees. I exited the water in just over 27 min. 

I had no idea how fast I was going on the bike as I was running a straight chronograph mode on Calley's Timex watch I'm using right now until I replace mine. Some would agree the bike course was long but that's ok with me. I finished the "40K" ride in over an 1:07. 

I felt really solid on the run and felt I was running fast on the two loop course. However my split was 36:44. Putting me 10th in the amateur elite division.  

These weren't the results I was looking for I swam, bike, and ran slow while the other guys were simply much faster. It's ok, I've been mostly on a taper mode since Lubbock and due to the crash. Time to suck it up and prepare for the next one. I'm thankful that God helped my Dad and I travel safe and my leg is pretty  much healed up. My Parents and Wife for always supporting me and my support from the Cobb Mobb by Cobb Cycling, Extremus, and X-1 Audio Teams!

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