Friday, July 25, 2014

X-1 Audio

My friend Ginger Spansel introduced me to X-1 Audio earlier this year and I've been using their sweat proof Momentum Earbuds on the bike trainer since. 

X-1 Audio recently expanded their Brand Ambassador line I applied and was accepted! It's the same team that sponsors two long time and successful triathletes Greg and Laura Bennett. 

I usually always have the music or a song stuck in my head. The power of music can bring can inspire and/or effect our emotions us in multiple of ways and music can also lead us to worship.  When I listen to music on the bike trainer my top choices on a playlist would include:

1. Lecrae - Christian Rap
2. Trip Lee - Christian Rap
3. Skillet - Hard Christian Rock
4. Thousand Foot Krutch - Christian Rock
5. Kutless - Christian Rock
6. Linkin Park - Rock
7. Drowning Pool - Metal/Hard Rock
8. Three Days Grace - Hard Rock
9. 116 Clique - Christian Rap
10. Flame - Christian Rap

As you see I love to listen to of Hard/Metal Rock, Christian Rock and Christian Rap. Believe it or not the beats of the Christian rap music these days is far superior to the secular ones you hear on the radio and mtv today, with cleaner lyrics also.   I also heard Randy Travis released an new album called "Influence" and "Influence 2" so that maybe next. 

I'm excited to be part of this new team. The athletes on this team come from a wide variety of endurance and extreme sports.  I am eager to try out some of the other and newer products pretty soon including the waterproof headphone ipod shuffle to mix in my swim workouts. You can view my team bio here

I'm looking forward to representing Team X-1 Audio with my athletic endeavors. 

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