Monday, April 25, 2016

Freeze Your Fanny 10K

Only a little behind here! The Freeze Your Fanny 10k was the first weekend of February followed by a bike ride in cold rain.

I was on a recovery week leading up to this race so I skipped a few sessions here and there in order to get more rest/sleep, so I wasn't firing on all cylinders for this one,  but that's no excuse as I thought I was still ready to put down a good race. I knew Tomas would be the main guy I'd need to watch out for.

The first mile there was a pack of 5 or so of us. I was surprised some of these young kids were keeping up. We might have hit the first mile a little hot for my fitness, I don't remember the exact time. Eventually by the first right hand turn the pack started to spread thin and it was me and Tomas trading off back and forth.

At the half way turn around, I tried to work something similar by taking off from him and opening up a gap. Obviously, his fitness was better this month as he was able to respond and close the gap back o me quickly. Then he opened a gap on me. Unfortunately, for me I was unable to close it and make my way back up to him.

With the last couple of miles I was staying close and  I was able to  close some distance back but Tomas had built his lead up too much by then. He was the faster runner just under 36 minutes for the very hilly course and I was at 36:14 for the 10k.

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