Monday, April 25, 2016

Fresh15 2016

Back in March was the Fresh15, it's one of my favorite races to do now. It's the greatest running event to ever come to East Texas in Tyler.  The field was stacked once again with some top Kenyan runners from all over the nation. It was the fastest 15k recorded time this year, at the time of the event. A week or so prior to the USA 15K National Championships.   

The Fresh15 is also stacked with top local runners from East Texas, Shreveport, and Dallas all come out to this one. The word is out now that this is a must-run race.  

The first 3 miles for me was off to a great start and was feeling comfortable enough to be running right behind former pro triathlete,  Clay Emge. I went through the first 5k in 16:54.  Well the next 6 miles I started to fall way off pace from that but I was still feeling really strong, in fact only glanced at my watch twice during the race. 

Once again, I got caught my Tomas around the 10k mark, I hadn't seen him all race and here he comes by me and I'm like...really, again. The last mile or two I was starting to make ground back. I noticed I was gaining on Nick Huff, another former UT Tyler Cross Country graduate a few years after me that I was making ground on, Unfortunately, the finish was too close and I wasn't able to make enough ground.  It was however,  a strong race for me and a little faster than last year but slower than the year before. Tomas and I are now tied 2-2. I was just under 53 minutes for this 15k race. 

Some of the local athletes in Tyler I coach as part of Fly Tri Racing.  

Out of this stacked field I ended up 28th Overall and 3rd place in the Tyler local division.

Clay Emge looks a little different than from what I remembered running behind the first 3 miles.

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